Genomes to Natural Products Network (GNPN):
Stanford Genome Technology Center

Institutes and Investigators

The Genomes to Natural Products project is a collaborative group of scientists whom operate with a high degree of cooperation, creativity and communication, making an exciting  research community.  Their combined extensive experience and enthusiasm incorporate diverse fields of knowledge:  genomics, synthetic biology, chemistry, molecular biology, biomolecular engineering, technology and engineering development.  This multidisciplinary team are already collaborators, having many years of experience working with one another.

SGTC, Stanford University

Maureen Hillenmeyer, Ph.D., Group Leader at the Stanford Technology Genome Center, GNPN Project Leader

Ronald W. Davis, Ph.D., Professor, Biochemistry and Genetics, Director of the Stanford Technology Genome Center (SGTC)

Colin Harvey, Ph.D.
Joseph Horecka, Ph.D.
Yong Li, Ph.D.
Robert St. Onge, Ph.D.
Michal Proctor, Ph.D.
Dmitriy Kolesnikov, Ph.D. candidate in Biology
James Li, Ph.D. candidate in Biochemistry
Justin Smith, Ph.D. candidate in Genetics
Gergana Vandova, Ph.D. candidate in Biochemistry
Angela Chu, Life Science Research Assistant
Molly Miranda, Life Science Research Assistant
Sundari Suresh, Life Science Research Assistant
Ana Maria Aparicio, Life Science Research Technician

Khosla Lab, Stanford University

Chaitan Khosla, Ph.D., Professor, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry (by courtesy)

Steinmetz Lab, Stanford University

Lars Steinmetz, Ph.D., Professor, Genetics, Co-Director of the Stanford Technology Genome Center

Tang Lab, University of California, Los Angeles

Yi Tang, Ph.D., Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Bioengineering

Mancheng Tang, Ph. D.
Jaclyn Winter, Ph. D.
Wei Xu, Ph.D.
Carly Bond, Ph.D. candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Anthony DeNicola, Ph.D. candidate in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Inquiries can be addressed to Maureen Hillenmeyer (maureenh at and Angela Chu (amchu at
Stanford Genome Technology Center